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Crazy Dee's Rates For Demo Reels, Graphic Design; Film and Post Editing.

Example of Demo Reels by Crazy Dee

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Great Work At Great Rates For Your Bank, that's what Crazy Dee brings!

Film & Editing Rates Include:
Shoot and Post Production Editing.

Logo Design Rates Include:
Client Proofs & Finished Logo Delivered Via Email.


Demo Reel: Stuart J. Elzy

5 Minute Edit: "Hideaway (Gogo)"

Demo Reel: Algie Jenkins

Porsche Patrice - Model/Gogo Dancer

Example of Production - Watch TBIC Here

Example of Graphic Designs

Example of Client Commercial & Client Interview Segment

Rainbow Smoke Shop Ad
Interview of Ben Hearon, Jr., at Soul D'licious

Website Design & Webmaster Service
$900 + Tax. (Includes 1 year of web hosting and webmaster services - maintaining the site for client.) (Note: $900 Fee Paid Upfront. Service Must Be Renewed Yearly.) If client requests to self-operate website, website is released, to client, after the paid service year is complete.

Logo Design Creation
$200 + Tax.

Digital Cover Design / Poster Design
$450 + Tax.

Demo Reel Creation
$250 + Tax.

30 Second Commercial Creation
$450 + Tax.

5 Minute To 15 Minute Film Creation
$850 + Tax.

30 Minute To 55 Minute Film Creation
$1700 + Tax.

Interview Segment/Promotional Vid
$1800 + Tax.

Note: All Prices, Total, Sales Tax Is Added.
Client Name:
Phone Number:
IG Account:
Photos (if any) For Logo, attach to email.
Film Production Idea Discussed Before Shoot.
(Note: No Logos or Film Production Will Begin Until The Selected Payment Is Made.)