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Posted by Crayzon Deeyon on October 18, 2018 at 4:45 PM

Have we forgotten the special counsel Ken Starr?

Ken Starr was empowered to investigate President Bill Clinton & his wife; Whitewater, Monica Lewinsky, etc., he turned in his report, the Republican House (Repubs) drew up the articles of impeachment, voted to impeach, and it moved to the Senate to convict Bill Clinton.

Impeachment is a two-part process where the accused office holder is indicted (impeached) and then, if voted on, convicted (found guilty of the offense of high crimes while holding office). In the case of Bill Clinton he was impeached by the House, but the Senate did not vote to convict, so he was able to remain President of The United States, but he lost his ability to practice law, etc.

So, basically-- millions of taxpayer dollars where spent for Ken Starr to investigate Bill Clinton, his wife, Whitewater & Monica Lewinsky, but in the end Trent Lott wasn't able to whip the votes necesssary to convict Bill, and as a result that was the end of Trent Lott's career, as his prominence fell to the back, like Joseph McCarthy.

And, this is exactly why there will be no impeachment of President Donald J. Trump.

There are lots of American Taxpayer dollars being spent on the investigation by special counsel Mueller to find if the 2016 Presidential Election outcome was influenced by operatives from Russia, and more over-- if the Trump Campaign colluded with the Russian operatives to win the 2016 election. Facts have leaked to the media, much like facts leaked during President Clinton's Presidency, and the media has done the usual feeding frenzy-- finding the most salacious extras to throw-in on the Trump story, to absurdity-- just like they did with Bill Clinton, and previously, what they did to candidate Gary Heart, which now has been found to be a setup and not an extra marital affair.

Why there will be no impeachment, you ask? The Democrats (Dems) are too genteel. After American Taxpaper money is spent, millions upon millions, like Ken Starr-- Mueller will be paid, his staff paid, lawyers, who have ideological bent, will be next for the supreme count, like Brett Kavanaugh, but on the opposite ideology; the report turned over to the House, if the Repubs are in, will be discredited and wither to the root,

Nancy Pelosi, who wants to be House Majority Leader again, until she gets so old that she can't possibly keep down the body-shakes won't move on it, and if she did-- which she won't-- the Dems in the Senate under the leadership of Chuck Schumer won't want to impeach, because-- for some reason-- after 'taking the Senate & House', the Dem members will be in fear of losing seats. Have you noticed-- that is the Dems' Method of Operation and excuse why they never move on anything-- the worry of losing seats.

So, what the Dems will do-- Pelosi helping Schumer not feel/see/repeat the fate of Trent Lott will not push impeachment of Trump. Instead, they will push to try to defeat him in the upcoming Presidential Election, in 2020. And that is why Impeachment of the President-- Not Going To Happen-- due to the history made/learned during the Clinton impeachment.

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