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Make Contact To Be Seen, Heard, Recognized & Appreciated! Contact Crazy Dee, Today!
Via Email Click Here
When Emailing Crazy Dee For Promotion and Marketing Purposes,
and Submitting Your Resume, here are the instructions.

1.) Option A -  For actors, it may be more expedient to use the 'Open Roles/Casting Form', to submit for TBIC, here:       

Option B - In the Subject line of the email, write the following:
"ATTN CRAZY DEE-- I WANT TO ACT IN EPISODES OF THE BLKICE CHRONICLES". Attach your resume/bio and head shot. The package will be reviewed, and Crazy Dee will contact you concerning a character that you are perfect to portray.

If selected to act in THE BLKICE CHRONICLES know there is a application fee, which takes care of marketing/promotions, photos, etc. Crazy Dee and THE BLKICE CHRONICLES IS BUSINESS, FIRST!

 If Selected To Act in TBIC, Remember-- Crazy Dee Is Award Winning!


2.) Persons interested in a company advertising on THE BLKICE CHRONICLES: Email your company's information, including website; contact information, to: "ATTN CRAZY DEE-- SUBMISSION FOR COMPANY ADVERTISEMENT ON THE BLKICE CHRONICLES". Crazy Dee will contact you. REMEMBER, WE HAVE GREAT ADVERTISEMENT RATES!

Get A Commercial, Edited by Crazy Dee, Like This One:


3.) Artists submitting Video(s) for broadcast over THE CRAZY DEE SHOW-- send URL, with a brief bio, including name, contact information, and a release form granting Crazy Dee/Lordlandonline,com permission to air/broadcast/display your music, in video, or audio form on  Crazy Dee/ Channels, and Affiliated Channels, to: "ATTN CRAZY DEE-- MY VIDEO SUBMISSION FOR LORDLANDONLINE.COM PROGRAMMING". Remember, This Is A Community Service Crazy Dee/ does for up and coming artists!

4.) Comics looking to be Seen, Heard, Recognized & Appreciated-- Submit your information to be considered to appear on THE COMEDY GRIND SERIES, filmed/edited/produced by Crazy Dee/ Submit your Standup reels, contact information, with a brief bio; via email, to: "ATTN CRAZY DEE-- I WANT TO BE ON THE COMEDY GRIND SERIES". If selected to be on THE COMEDY GRIND SERIES know there is a application fee, which takes care of marketing/promotions, photos, etc. Crazy Dee and THE COMEDY GRIND SERIES IS BUSINESS, FIRST!

Remember-- What Crazy Dee Films/Edits/Producers Does Come Out!