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Crazy Dee Client Rules & Regulations, Obligations and Behavior Modifications

1.) There is no haggling over service prices. There is no TF arrangements made.
2.) There is a 80% Deposit at time of signing of service agreement. No exceptions. All services, subject to 8.25% sales tax (unless proof of tax exemption is produced by client).
3.) Balance due the week of event, filming, and or photo shoot. Not at the event, filming, or photo shoot.
4.) Edits of event delivered to client w/ in a week after the event taking place. Unless it is an edit of a film (length will be discussed and determined).
5.) A client is allowed 3 video edits, for the service price. Additional edits, past 3 edits, there is an additional fee of $200 per additional edit.
6.) Photos or Stills, if negotiated, and service structured into service cost, are delivered within a week after the event taking place. Unless (like above).
7.) Film documenting the event or finished film, and photos/stills, if part of service agreement, are delivered digitally, via email drop box.
8.) If client cancels the event, or no longer needs the film or photography services of Lordlandfilms, after signing the service agreement, and paying the deposit, Lordlandfilms keeps 80% of the deposit, for administration and staff payments.
9.) There are no delivers of finished video presentations, or edited photos or stills, until all monies, due, are collected by Lordlandfilms. No exceptions.
10.) Footage or photos not deemed to be necessary, by client, or editor, to complete video, or photography presentation will no longer be stored. After finished presentation, in photography or film form, is completed-- footage and photos are no longer stored.