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50 Dollar TFR Ad Special


The Deadline to schedule an interview for Episodes of The Film Review Podcast Live is  the 15th of each month. Submit Now-- First Come First Serve-- There are limited interview slots available each month; interviews not happening in the month ads begin to run, will be scheduled the following month to introduce our sponsors and advertisers to The Film Review Audience.Submitter will be notified of the scheduled appearance date.

Include Within Purchase Note: Name, Business/Product Name, Contact Info, and Links to Websites.

The 50 Dollar TFR Ad Special

The 50 Dollar TFR Ad Special, where Business Owners, Writers, Filmmakers, Artists get the opportunity to promote their products on The Film Review: Movies Music Culture Politics Society Podcast.

About The Film Review: We stream live on Sundays @ 5:30pm pacific / 8:30pm eastern on Youtube, Facebook and Blogtalkradio. We play on Crazy Dee Radio, Youtube, iHeartRADIO, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, GooglePlay, Vimeo, etc., and TFR is seen on Instagram and twitter, which means you're seen heard recognized and appreciated on these podcast platforms thru The Film Review Podcast Live.

We are heard in over 41-Countries and growing, and if you have an internet presents: a website, a facebook page, an ig page, a twitter page, an email address, etc., we are the platform to appear on to push your product(s). Foe $50 The Film Review interviews you, and reviews your product, book, music, film, web show, podcast, etc.

All of this for only 50 Dollars! You'll be seen, heard, recognized and appreciated on a worldwide scale, and your potential audience/customer base increases due to your taking advantage of The 50 Dollar TFR Ad Special.

Deadline to submit is the 15th of every month, but if Crazy Dee appears in person to offer The 50 Dollar TFR Ad Special, at your establishment, or public event, the ad order can take place right then, and you'll be scheduled to appear on The Film Review: Movies Music Culture Politics Society Podcast Live.

It should be a no-brainer, The 50 Dollar TFR Ad Special. The $50 Dollar fee is for a 6-month buy-- total $300.00. and is collected in cash at time of scheduling, or securely via Paypal.